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ICU Management

ICU Diaries and Post-ICU Distress Symptoms

2022 09 Nov

In recent years, health diaries have become an important tool for patients and providers to manage personal health. A health diary is a record of a patient's overall health and wellness, which the patient writes to keep track of different aspects of their health. Studies show that greater self-care behaviours, such as the use of symptom diaries, improve... Read more

Health Management

“But I Hate This, and This, and This…”: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

2020 12 Nov

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a psychiatric illness characterised by an obsessive and debilitating preoccupation with perceived physical flaws, carries a significant burden of morbidity. Currently, there is little research investigating methods for the effective early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of BDD. In this case, thrombotic microangiopathy... Read more

ICU Management

Young Females At High Risk for Psych Symptoms after ARDS

2016 26 Apr

Young, female ARDS survivors, who were unemployed prior to ICU admission, are at greatest risk of psychiatric symptoms following discharge. And it is not the sickest patients with the longest ICU stay who are most at risk, according to the results from a multicentre national U.S. study, led by Johns Hopkins University researchers and published in Critical... Read more