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ICU Management

The Post-ICU Patient

2020 24 Nov

“The success of intensive care has not to be measured only by survival statistics, as though each death is a medical failure. It has to be measured by the quality of lives preserved or restored and by the quality of dying of those in whose interest is to die.” This statement of G. R. Dunstan, Prof. of Morals and Social Theology, dating back to 1995,... Read more

ICU Management

Improving Outcomes for ICU Survivors

2019 13 Sep

In response to the many challenges faced by ICU survivors today, there has been an increasing need to relieve this burden. Despite that many clinical trials have been implemented to find new strategies, postintensive care syndrome is still a common possibility for both patients and families.   A recent study has identified key enablers and barriers... Read more

ICU Management

Patient support needs following critical illness

2019 29 May

The number of patients who are admitted into the ICU and those who survive their stay continues to increase. However, patients who survive the ICU often suffer from chronic and life-changing physical, psychosocial and cognitive changes, often referred to as the “Post Intensive Care Syndrome.” This can have a significant impact on patient-reported... Read more