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Physical Therapy after ICU: Consensus Statement

2016 08 Nov

An international group of experts has proposed a framework for physical therapy for critical illness survivor following discharge from hospital. The framework covers a continuum of rehabilitation across all phases of post-ICU recovery. It includes consensus recommendations on essential discharge information, goals, a core outcomes set and physical... Read more

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Implementing Early Mobilisation: Practical Tips

2016 04 Jul

While the evidence for the benefits of early mobilisation in the intensive care unit (ICU) is clear, practical guidance on tools and methods to translate evidence into practice is lacking. A recently published paper sets out a strategy for safe mobilisation by a multidisciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and support staff.... Read more

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Study: Physical Therapy for Respiratory Failure Did not Reduce Length of Stay

2016 28 Jun

A randomised, assessor-blinded trial of standardised rehabilitation therapy (SRT) for patients with acute respiratory failure in a single ICU found that SRT did not affect hospital length of stay. The study, performed  at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina, USA, is published in JAMA . Lead author Peter E. Morris, MD , of the University... Read more

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ICU Volume 15 - Issue 1 - 2015

2015 16 Mar

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ICU Management

2014 25 Nov

Linda Denehy, PhD heads the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne’s School of Health Sciences. Prof. Denehy is one of seven invited faculty members at the 2014 Critical Care Congress, the theme of which is “Inspiring ICU”. The conference takes place from 26 to 30 November at the Baxter Theatre Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.... Read more

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Study: Physical Therapy Can Promote Early Mobility In ICU

2014 22 Jul

Growing evidence shows that early mobilisation of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) is a safe and cost-effective strategy to improve patient outcomes. Several studies indicate that providing early physical therapy interventions in the intensive care setting can decrease hospital and/or ICU length of stay (LOS). However, in ICUs where early mobilisation... Read more