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Canon Medical’s Compressed Speeder MR Technology Helps Clinicians Reduce Scan Time

2020 23 Apr

MR TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATES SCAN TIME BY UP TO 4 TIMES FOR IMPROVED PATIENT EXPERIENCE Physicians can now scan faster while maintaining MR image resolution with Compressed SPEEDER technology from Canon Medical. Scan times in MRIs have historically been a challenge in clinical practices, where shorter scan times are typically associated with lower... Read more

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Siemens Healthineers and Heart Center in Portugal partner for improved care continuum

2019 27 Mar

Siemens Healthineers and Heart Center in Portugal partner for improved care continuum Red Cross Hospital in Lisbon opens one of the most modern heart centres in Portugal  Siemens Healthineers will provide a digital service solution including clinical workflow design, management of the medical equipment and strategic consulting... Read more

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Opportunities for radiologists to improve patient experience

2018 11 Jul

Patient experience is becoming increasingly prioritised in line with the focus on value-based care. Given the scope of imaging services, diagnostic radiologists are better positioned to seize opportunities to innovate in patient experience than is readily apparent, says a review article in the journal Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.... Read more

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We Need to Tweet - the MRI Experience

2015 03 Nov

Twitter offers interesting and valuable insights into the experience of MRI patients, according to a new study analysing tweets related to MRI over the course of one month. While the social networking site Twitter is known for breaking news and celebrity tweets, it may also prove to be a valuable feedback tool for medical professionals looking to improve... Read more

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Improving the Radiology Service Patient Experience

2015 20 Jan

Radiologists are increasingly recognising their role as direct service providers to patients and seeking to offer an exceptional patient experience as part of high-quality service delivery. A recent article by Andrew Rosenkrantz, MD  and Kristine Pysarenko, MD from NYU Langone Medical Center, published in Academic Radiology , explores important areas... Read more