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2022 14 Jul

In an interesting session at the European Congress of Radiology this week, the speakers highlighted the importance of listening to patients, improving communication between radiographers and patients and considering the patient perspective. Understanding that patients have a personal, individual view on the quality of the provided service in a radiology...Read more

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2021 27 May

HYBRID EVENT : FACE TO FACE + VIRTUAL  Find CIC Cancer on Social Media Read more

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2019 02 Jul

Taking a medical ‘selfie’ could be key to patient-centred health confirms study from Queensland University of Technology (QUT).   Dr. Kara Burns conducted the research as part of her PhD and discovered consumers felt reassured when they were able to contact their clinicians with visual updates post-care. The two-part study published in Journal...Read more

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2019 17 Apr

The radiologist has always been considered the "doctor's doctor," advising referring clinicians. Recently there has been a shift in the care continue thrusting radiologists onto centre stage where they serve patients directly. The new norm in radiology is in the approach of patient-centred care . Physicians and healthcare providers 'team up' with...Read more

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2018 02 Dec

The tight roped tug of war concerning artificial intelligence and exponential technologies like deep learning and machine learning has been pulling at radiology for years. There are those fearing the dark side- new technologies as the ‘big bad’ machines that will rise up and exterminate the radiologist, the shining happy radiologists that see unicorns...Read more

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2018 26 Apr

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