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One for the Birds? Pigeons Can Discern Cancerous Images

2015 20 Nov

Pigeons are known to share many visual system properties with humans. Their visual memory is also outstanding, as they can recall more than 1,800 images. Now a new study demonstrates that the birds also have the ability to distinguish between benign and malignant breast histology and radiology. The animal behavioural study is published in the open-access... Read more

DSX Therapeutics and R&D Antibodies Announce Issuance of EU Patents for First-in-Class MABST

2015 24 Jun

aSeptiMab® is a Candidate Therapeutic That Targets and Neutralizes Microvesicle-Associated iNOS and Halts the Sepsis Cascade DSX Therapeutics and its close affiliate Research & Diagnostic Antibodies (R&D Ab®) today announce the European Patent Office has published a Decision to grant patent EP1773390B1 “Improved Therapeutic Agent for iNOS Generating... Read more

MRI Technique for NAFLD in Children

2015 06 Feb

Researchers at UC San Diego School of Medicine have tested a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based technique to better detect and evaluate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in children. The new method is known as magnitude-based MRI, which was previously developed by researchers in the UC San Diego Liver Imaging Group, to estimate liver... Read more

New Guidelines For Pathologists

2014 01 Sep

A raft of evidence-based guidelines is set to be presented when the College of American Pathologists (CAP) convenes on 7-10 September 2014. Eight of those new guidelines are scheduled to be launched officially in January 2015, Medscape Medical News reported. Evidence-based guidelines, which play an important role in improving working practices, are... Read more