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Executive Health Management

Endemic Is Not Harmless!

2022 28 Jan

Aris Katzourakis, PhD, professor of evolution and genomics at St. Hilda’s College (Oxford, U.K.), warns that misuse of the word ‘endemic’ is encouraging complacency. In an epidemiological context, ‘endemic’ means that the infection rates are in equilibrium, neither rising nor falling. It does not describe the infection’s severity or its health consequences.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Regular Testing of Healthcare Workers Not Recommended

2021 30 Jan

Routine COVID-19 screening of hospital staff is unlikely to prevent transmission of the virus and might additionally burden the facility, a new study shows.   You might also like: COVID-19 Infection at Work: Who is at Risk?   With increasing COVID-19 testing capacity, asymptomatic surveillance is becoming widely adopted across... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lockdowns and Reopenings: Local vs. Larger-Scale

2020 10 Sep

Lockdowns and other restrictive measures (e.g. travel curbs) have been imposed by governments as a means to control coronavirus spread in their jurisdictions. New research from Canada provides insights on effective strategies for reopening when the number of cases is on the decline.   You might also like: Containing COVID-19 in EU: Uncoordinated... Read more

Executive Health Management

Alternating Lockdowns and Relaxation for Pandemic Control

2020 26 May

An international team of researchers has analysed several scenarios of non-pharmaceutical COVID-19 interventions in 16 countries and outlined an effective strategy of alternating lockdown and relaxation cycles.   You may also like: Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions – What’s Next?   Since there are still no proven treatments or vaccines... Read more