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Executive Health Management

Free Online COVID-19 Educational Resources for Healthcare Workers

2020 30 Mar

As the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, many healthcare workers are faced with previously unknown situations and lack of essential skills. To assist those in need of additional information, a number of organisations around the world are launching special online educational resources.      If you want to share your experience and perspective... Read more

Cardiology Management

The Impact of Digital Technology on Healthcare

2020 20 Feb

Digital technology has become an integral part of healthcare and is all set to revolutionise the practice of medicine. Digital technology has greatly improved operational efficiency with respect to standards of medical care. The transformation has significantly enhanced the overall experience of both healthcare professionals and patients. Some... Read more

IMAGING Management

Conference on Hybrid Imaging Live (CHILI) 2018

2018 26 Oct

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Executive Health Management

Mayo Clinic Offers Online Video Education

2014 17 Jul

Mayo Clinic has recently announced that it will be offering online video education for medical professionals.  This will include lectures and clinical presentations on innovation and progress in research, patient care and medical education.  These courses will be available for medical professionals through the institute’s online medical professional... Read more