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Scanner Could Allow Real-Time 3D Breast Cancer Imaging

2015 31 Oct

Researchers at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, FL, have developed a handheld optical scanner with the potential to offer 3D breast cancer imaging in real time, according to a study published in the journal Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express . The optical device offers several benefits over mammography, with no ionising radiation... Read more

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Noninvasive CT Scan for Heart Disease

2015 23 Aug

Loyola University Medical Centre is the first hospital to offer a new and noninvasive technology to test for coronary artery disease.  The technology offered by the centre uses noninvasive CT scans and calculates the amount of blood that flows through diseased coronary arteries that have narrowed due to plaque buildup. The procedure is completely... Read more

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Noninvasive Imaging Detects Genetic Mutations In Lung Cancer

2014 05 Jul

A recent study has found that patients with lung cancer could benefit from a high-tech, noninvasive imaging analysis called quantitative computed tomography based texture analysis (QTA). The new method was shown to be a safe alternative to surgical biopsy, which can be dangerous for lung cancer patients. QTA has the ability to non-invasively detect... Read more