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Executive Health Management

4 Ways to Streamline ER Use

2016 18 Jan

In a commentary published in Becker's Hospital Review , Chis Van Goder, the CEO of Scripp's Health highlights that emergency departments face the  problem of increased load of non-emergency patients.  Despite the fact that hospitals and healthcare systems have been consistently expanding or building new emergency departments, they are still not... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lowest Hospital Spending: Not Where You Think

2015 21 Dec

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics analysed the real prices that hospitals negotiate with private insurers. They found that hospitals that spend less on Medicare do not necessarily spend less on healthcare overall.  The researchers analysed 92 billion health insurance... Read more

Executive Health Management

Cigna Appoints Arjan Toor as New Global Individual Private Medical Insurance Managing Director

2015 24 Apr

Cigna (NYSE: CI) has appointed Arjan Toor as the Managing Director of their Global Individual Private Medical Insurance business (Global IPMI). Arjan joins Cigna Global IPMI after a successful 4-year stint as Chief Marketing Officer of Cigna’s International Markets based in Hong Kong. He will now be responsible for the continued profitable growth and... Read more

Executive Health Management

Insurance Status Affects Outcomes For Brain Tumour Patients

2015 05 Mar

Uninsured brain tumour patients or those who use Medicaid experience longer hospital stays and are more likely to develop medical complications, compared to patients with private health insurance. The insurance status of patient populations served by different hospitals should be considered in the assignment of hospital quality ratings, which are influenced... Read more

Executive Health Management

Transparency in Pricing May Lower Claim Payments

2014 22 Oct

According to a new study published in JAMA, searching a health service pricing website before using the service results in lower payments for clinical services such as laboratory tests and imaging.     Due to changes in the healthcare insurance market, more and more insured patients now have to bear a greater proportion of their healthcare costs.... Read more