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SPIE Medical Imaging 2022

2022 20 Feb

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2021 27 Sep

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Cybersecurity Challenges for Medical Imaging

2020 19 Oct

Cybersecurity issues have been affecting the healthcare sector in recent years. As the use of the internet has expanded over the last two decades, hospitals worldwide have also adopted technology. Patient health information and electronic health records are now used routinely in healthcare.    However, while this adoption of technology is a positive... Read more

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Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

2020 18 Sep

Healthcare institutions perform imaging studies for a variety of reasons. While these imaging studies are helpful, very few have clinical therapeutic value. To avoid redundancy and ensure meaningful endpoints to imaging studies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now been introduced to the world of medical imaging. AI involves the use of computerised... Read more

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RDM: A Complete Solution Designed For Everyone Involved In The Dose Cycle

2020 27 Mar

Protecting patients from over-exposure to radiation is part of the daily life of healthcare professionals in medical imaging. Justification, optimization, ALARA’s approach – these principles are necessary to reduce the dose delivered to the patient.Moreover, numerous legal regulations (directives, the public health code) now make it compulsory... Read more

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How To Reduce The Radiation Dose In A CT Scan? The Example Of The ‘Patient At Isocenter’ Feature

2020 31 Jan

Even today, finding the right balance between image quality and the radiation dose remains a core issue in medical imaging. Although medical imaging is one of the most useful modern medical tools, the use of ionizing rays in imaging undeniably entails various risks. There are many methods for reducing doses while obtaining an image quality clear... Read more

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Thales joins forces with Micro-X

2019 02 Jul

Micro-X and Thales join forces to anticipate the growing needs of the 3D imaging market.   Micro-X, the global leader in cold-cathode X-ray technology, and Thales, leader in security and medical imaging, are looking to develop X-ray imaging systems based on X-ray sources using Carbon NanoTubes (CNT) cathodes technology.   The combination of... Read more