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Health Management

Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 13 Nov

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Health Management

A Closer Look At Financial Performance in Healthcare

2016 25 Aug

MANAGING COSTS, RISK, AND FINANCING TO CREATE AN ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Healthcare providers around the world face resource shortages, economic and regulatory uncertainty, and increasing market volatility. Trends such as alternative compensation models and public-private partnerships are leading people to rethink established business models... Read more

Health Management

The Value of a Good Reputation

2016 25 Aug

HOW HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS CAN IMPROVE THEIR REPUTATION TO ATTRACT MORE PATIENTS AND QUALIFIED STAFF   A good reputation is an important asset for healthcare providers. Along with credible market positioning, it is vital for attracting self-reliant, quality-conscious, and cost-aware patient groups. Qualified and committed employees are key to a positive... Read more

Executive Health Management

A Closer Look at Financial Performance in Healthcare

2016 03 Aug

Managing costs, risk, and financing to shape an economically sustainable business Introduction Today’s discussion on the future of healthcare revolves less around arguments regarding medical technology, and more surrounding economic challenges. Scarce resources, government budget constraints and limited to no access to the capital market offset various... Read more

Executive Health Management

Medical Tourism: Informed Decisions Hard for International Patients

2016 06 Jun

International patients may not obtain full information needed in order to make informed decisions about care abroad. An article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research said that while tourists traditionally leave high-income countries seeking lower-cost healthcare in middle and low-income nations now more patients are travelling to the... Read more

Executive Health Management

3rd International India Medical Tourism Congress 2016

2015 19 Dec

After the immense success of its first & second edition, International India Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC) is back with its Third edition. Renowned as the biggest and the only event of its kind in the Indian subcontinentThe Third edition of International India Medical Tourism Congress (IIMTC) is scheduled to be conducted at Hyderabad from 12th to... Read more

Health Management

Medical Tourism in Cyprus: Challenges and Prospectives

2014 08 Mar

Authors:Marios GeorgiouMedical Laboratory Technician Karaiskakio Foundation MSc in Health Services ManagementMamas Theodorou, PhD Associate Professor in Health Policy and PlanningOpen University of CyprusAbstractThe main objectives of this study were the investigation of the current state of affairs and perspectives pertaining to medical tourism in... Read more

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