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Executive Health Management

Imaging applications of artificial intelligence

2018 07 Nov

The potential impact of artificial intelligence in radiology is impressive; vendors and major academic centres are developing a wide array of artificial intelligence applications and neural networks to aid radiologists in clinical diagnosis and clinical decision support. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the trending topics in medicine... Read more

IMAGING Management

Machine learning 'red dot' model for flagging abnormal radiographs

2018 14 Aug

UK researchers have demonstrated the application of a machine learning-based "red dot" model to classify chest radiographs as normal or abnormal, with 94.6% accuracy. Its application to real-world datasets may be warranted in optimising clinician workload in the face of expanding demand, according to the researchers. Their work is published in... Read more

IT Management

Digital Health Summit @ CES 2019

2019 08 Jan

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ICU Management

Machine learning algorithm 'more accurate' in predicting ICU readmission

2018 06 Jun

New research shows that a machine learning approach to predicting ICU readmission was significantly more accurate than previously published algorithms or prediction tools. Implementation of this approach could target patients who may benefit from additional time in the ICU or more frequent monitoring after transfer to the hospital ward, according... Read more

Executive Health Management

eHealth – transforming healthcare in disruptive times

2018 23 May

Where is eHealth in Ireland heading and where could it lead us?   Examining the state of eHealth, its challenges and opportunities at the European Association of Hospital Managers congress in Dublin.   With digital innovations dramatically transforming every layer of the healthcare landscape, intensive discussions are required to manage... Read more

Executive Health Management

Does radiology have a bright future?

2018 23 May

Do AI and machine learning herald the end of radiology?   I could answer in one word: Yes. But HealthManagement has given me 700 and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to expand my hypothesis.   I might as well start with the “elephant in the room”. How many radiologists cringed when they read President Obama’s assertion that “radiologists... Read more

IMAGING Management

Machine learning predicts which patients benefit from prostate mpMRI

2018 02 Apr

Multiparametric MRI (mpMRI) is a novel imaging tool that is increasingly used for prostate cancer detection. Key obstacles to routine use of prostate MRI include quality control, cost and access. To optimise resource utilisation and reduce unnecessary costs, a new machine learning model has been developed for identifying which patients could benefit... Read more

ICU Management

Supervised machine learning predicts CLABSI

2018 06 Mar

Machine learning has proven to be useful for developing prediction models for outcomes in intensive care unit patients. A new study comparing machine learning techniques for predicting central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) shows supervised artificial intelligence can accurately predict CLABSI in patients admitted to the ICU. Early... Read more

Cardiology Management

Machine learning tools for predicting clinical outcomes

2018 06 Mar

New research findings suggest that machine learning may usher in a new era in digital healthcare tools that are able to predict clinical outcomes in patients with known or potential heart problems. These findings are from several studies being presented at the American College of Cardiology's 67th Annual Scientific Session. The new studies presented... Read more