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Executive Health Management

'Collaboration' Biggest Challenge for Healthcare Lean Management

2015 28 Sep

Use of Lean management methodology to improve care efficiencies is new for healthcare. A new report in The Journal of Nursing Administration describes how a Lean-based in the emergency department of a large hospital significantly reduced patients’ wait times and length of stay, while improving patient throughput and satisfaction level. The approach... Read more

Lab Management

#ArabHealth 2015: MEDLAB Congress - The Lean Laboratory

2015 06 Feb

During one of the presentations at the MEDLAB Congress during Arab Health 2015 in Dubai, Dr. Rana Nabulsi, Head of Quality, Proficiency HealthCare Diagnostics, Abu Dhabi, UAE spoke about the importance of bringing lean management tools to the laboratory and how they could help improve patient outcomes and improve speed and efficiency by minimising... Read more