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14th International Congress on Autoimmunity

2020 22 Jun


Executive Health Management

Top Target Treatments infographic

2019 22 May

Top target treatments and application of personalised medicine in healthcare Read more

Executive Health Management

ESMO Congress 2020

2020 19 Sep


ICU Management

Immunotherapy effects on sepsis

2019 01 May

A randomised controlled multicentre trial assessed for the first time the safety and pharmacokinetics of an antiprogrammed cell death-ligand 1 (anti–PD-L1) immune checkpoint inhibitor (BMS-936559; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ) and its effect on immune biomarkers in participants with sepsis-associated immunosuppression. Results show that... Read more

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CytoSorbents Expands Direct Sales of CytoSorb to Belgium and Luxembourg

2016 04 Nov

CytoSorbents Corporation , a critical care immunotherapy leader commercializing its flagship  CytoSorb®  extracorporeal cytokine adsorber to treat deadly inflammation in critically-ill and cardiac surgery patients around the world, announced the addition of Belgium and Luxembourg to its direct sales territories.  CytoSorb is now distributed in 42... Read more

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Chemoresistance Explained: New Clues in Small Cell Lung Cancer

2016 04 Apr

Researchers in Austria have unraveled how small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is not usually detected until it is at an advanced stage, when metastases have already formed. Chemotherapy is very effective initially but, within a year, cancer recurs and this time does not respond to a course of chemotherapy, they said. The research group headed by Gerhard... Read more

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Noninvasive Imaging of Immune System Detects Tumours

2015 22 Apr

A new technique that allows real-time, noninvasive imaging of the immune system’s response to the presence of tumours offers a potential breakthrough both in diagnostics and in monitoring efficacy of cancer therapies. Developed in the lab of Whitehead Institute Member Hidde Ploegh, the method utilises the imaging power of positron emission tomography... Read more

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Live Coverage of the Immune System at Work via PET Imaging

2015 20 Jan

Researchers at Tübingen University have developed a new technique to safely mark T-cells for non-invasive in vivo imaging to better understand what happens during immune reactions in the body. This technique enabled the investigators to track the T-cell movement in mice using positron emission technology (PET). Previous methods used to follow the movement... Read more

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Injectable 3D Vaccines Could Fight Cancer, Infectious Diseases

2014 15 Dec

According to a new study, a non-surgical injection of programmable biomaterial that spontaneously assembles in vivo into a 3D structure could fight and even help prevent cancer as well as infectious diseases such as HIV. The study, conducted by researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Harvard's School of Engineering... Read more