ICIS 2022 - International Cancer Imaging Society Annual Meeting

ICIS 2022 - International Cancer Imaging Society Annual Meeting

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Learning objectives

To improve your knowledge of:

• The practice of Cancer Imaging on a Global Level
• Fostering Inclusion, Diversity and Equity on a Global Level
• The impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Imaging
• State-of-The-Art Practical Applications of Multimodal Cancer Imaging in most Major Cancers
• Multidisciplinary Teams’ Perspectives and Expectations in the Management of Patients with Cancer
• Molecular Cancer Imaging and Theranostics
• Recent Advances in Cancer Therapies including Immunotherapy and their impact on Cancer Imaging
• Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Imaging
• Pediatric Cancer Imaging
• Cancer Genomics
• Image-guided Interventions
• Whole-Body MRI
• Tumor Imaging Metrics in Response Assessment

High quality educational lectures and hands-on workshops

• Refresh your knowledge of cancer imaging and learn about cutting edge developments
• Listen to state of the art multimodality cancer imaging (MRI, CT and PET)
• Improve your knowledge of the mechanism of different drugs in the treatment of cancer
• Bring your knowledge into practice in workstation based teaching in our hands-on workshops
• Experience the role of cancer imaging in multidisciplinary interaction: treatment selection, early response prediction and treatment adaptation
• Proffered papers (oral, poster and case presentations)

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