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National Dose Levels for Common Adult CT Exams

2017 26 Feb

Using data from the world's largest CT dose index registry, researchers have established national dose levels for common adult CT examinations. Results of the two-year study published in the journal Radiology established diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) and achievable doses (ADs) based on patient size for the 10 most common CT head, neck and body... Read more

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Oec 9800 Retrofit Replaces Old CRT's With New LCDs With Ease

2016 16 May

OEC 9800 RETROFIT UPGRADE With the  OEC 9800 Retrofit Kit , Ampronix is challenging the notion that upgrading simple hardware necessarily entails purchasing an entirely new system. As CRTs are finally being phased out, it’s time to invest in something with better image clarity and brilliant luminance. Created specifically for mobile C-Arms, the... Read more

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Steinberg Diagnostic Installs 1st Toshiba Celesteion PET/CT System in U.S.

2015 09 Jun

One of the few PET/CT capable imaging facilities in the Las Vegas area, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) has bolstered its capabilities by installing the first Celesteion PET/CT system in the U.S. from Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. The premier system in PET/CT, the Celesteion allows SDMI to provide the highest quality images and exams... Read more

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Agfa HealthCare Launches DR 600 Fully Automated Digital X-ray Room

2015 14 May

High-productivity, direct radiography system with motorised auto-positioning   State-of-the-art automation and design in a multi-detector, high-productivity and high-throughput general radiography DR system Versatile motorised movement including horizontal and vertical tracking for exceptional ease of operation Exceptional user friendly tube head... Read more