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Executive Health Management

COVID-19: Immunity-Based Strategies are ‘Flawed’

2020 16 Oct

Public health measures aiming to achieve ‘herd immunity’ are criticised by a multidisciplinary group of researchers who call it "a dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence".   You might also like: Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”   In the John Snow Memorandum , an open letter published in The... Read more

Health Management

Management of COVID-19 Pandemic - The Swedish Perspective

2020 28 Sep

Among all countries affected by COVID-19, the Swedish pandemic strategy has polarised the political and global media response, where both condemning and acknowledging voices are heard. The question thus arises whether the Swedish approach is unique, and what reasoning leads to this strategy. This report does not discuss the outcome or validity of... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19 Global Response – Strengths, Weaknesses, Success and Failure

2020 11 Aug

An overview of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic – the success of South Korea, the so-called herd-immunity experiment of Sweden and the not-so-brilliant COVID-19 management in the U.K. and the U.S. South Korea's Successful Three-Phased Response to COVID-19 COVID-19 has created havoc around the globe. Some countries have... Read more