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Executive Health Management

2022 19 Jul

Computer-based patient records were declared an essential technology for healthcare in 1991 by the National Academies. It was believed that patient records would support patient care, improve quality of care, enhance the productivity of healthcare professionals, reduce administrative costs, support clinical research and accommodate future developments...Read more

Health Management

2020 23 Jun

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated implementation of key digitalisation tenets of the UK’s NHS Five-Year Plan for outpatients, but how can healthcare maintain achievements forged under pressure once the crisis has passed? The COVID-19 pandemic is putting global healthcare systems under immense pressure and outpatient services are not...Read more

IT Management

2018 01 Feb

The growing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies is helping the cause of Learning Health Systems. “Learning Health Systems continually improve by collecting data and processing it to inform better decision making. As the amount and complexity of big data continues to increase, organisations are challenged to fully take advantage of it,”...Read more