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Why do women have to wait longer for help when having a heart attack?

2018 19 Dec

According to a new study published in the European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care , women should call an ambulance immediately if they experience heart attack symptoms. This recommendation is being made after study findings showed that women have to wait longer than men to get help when having  a heart attack.  Ischaemic heart disease... Read more

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#ESC2018: CT scans reduce heart attack rates

2018 29 Aug

New findings from the Scottish Computed Tomography of the Heart (SCOT-HEART) trial suggest that heart scans for patients with chest pains could save thousands of lives in the UK. The life-saving scans helped to spot those with heart disease so they could be given treatments to prevent heart attacks, according to the findings presented at the European... Read more

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Simple lab score diagnoses heart attack faster than current methods

2018 22 Aug

A simple laboratory score provides a safer and faster way to diagnose patients who visit the emergency department with heart attack symptoms. Developed by an international research team, the score can also identify patients at risk of subsequent heart issues after discharge, according to a study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). ... Read more

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Female heart attack patients fare better when treated by women doctors

2018 14 Aug

New research findings highlight the importance of patient-physician gender concordance when it comes to caring for female heart attack patients. That's why Harvard Business School professor Laura Haung, who led the study, and her co-authors have this advice: If you're a woman and having a heart attack, do your best to make sure you're treated by... Read more

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More sensitive blood test diagnoses heart attacks in ER faster

2018 08 Aug

Patients who present to emergency rooms with heart attack symptoms – i.e., chest pain and shortness of breath – often undergo a cardiac troponin test to help doctors assess their condition. There is a new high-sensitivity blood test for cardiac troponin that can accurately rule out heart attack in emergency room patients faster than the conventional... Read more

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Online tool improves heart attack, stroke risk prediction

2018 08 Aug

New research sponsored by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration is beneficial to both astronauts and the general population on Earth. NASA launched the study with UT Southwestern Medical Center to enhance cardiovascular risk prediction for astronauts. The result: a new online prediction tool that integrates traditional risk factors... Read more

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New cardiovascular risk calculator also tells heart age

2018 25 Jul

A new online health calculator developed by a Canadian research team can help people determine their risk of heart disease. The calculator takes into account sociodemographic factors (i.e., age, ethnicity, education), as well as health status and lifestyle behaviours. In addition to personal use, policy-makers can use the tool to calculate risk... Read more

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Avatar teaches patients to recognise symptoms of heart attack

2018 13 Jun

A mobile application ("SAVE app2") that uses an avatar, a nurse named Cora, has been shown to reduce hospital admissions among heart attack survivors. An avatar is a simulated digital character that interacts by talking, and using facial expressions and body language. Cora's role is to teach heart attack warning signs and symptoms, and what to do... Read more

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Gene therapy sparks healthy heartbeats

2018 15 May

Following a heart attack, often the heart has difficulty performing one of its most basic jobs: beat at a normal rate. This is because after myocardial infarction, heart muscle cells are replaced by fibroblasts and new blood vessels, which do not conduct electricity and leave the heart susceptible to ventricular tachycardia – an excessive heart... Read more

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Exercising after a heart attack could save your life

2018 24 Apr

A Swedish study of more than 22,000 patients indicates that becoming more physically active after a heart attack halved the risk of death within four years. The findings were presented at EuroPrevent 2018, a European Society of Cardiology congress. Physical activity and exercise have been shown to reduce the risk of a heart attack and to help people... Read more