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Israel Enables Tech ‘Spy’ Powers to Track COVID-19

2020 19 Mar

Tech powers normally deployed for counter-terrorism are being used to fight COVID-19 in Israel triggering an outcry from civil rights groups.   The government has passed temporary measures to enable its security agencies to track suspected COVID-19 victims via their mobile phones:   You might also like: Software Identifies COVID-19... Read more

IT Management

Cybersecurity Strategies for Healthcare IoT

2019 17 Sep

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables many of today's devices and equipment to work with such remarkable speed, accuracy and efficiency. Because of the numerous IoT-related benefits, people have a tendency to forget the fact that IoT devices are increasingly vulnerable to hacking attacks.   A new study serves as a timely reminder for hospitals and health... Read more

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Healthcare Security Forum

2019 09 Dec

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