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Executive Health Management

Explaining Linear COVID-19 Spread

2020 27 Aug

During the initial wave of the COVID-19 contagion, many countries recorded infection curves that were linear for extended time periods. This linear growth over an extended time interval is in contrast to the S-shaped curves expected from standard epidemiological models.   You might also like: Mobility, Connectivity and Pandemics of Modern... Read more

Executive Health Management

Guide for Leaders to Read COVID-19 Data

2020 31 Jul

With the sources of COVID-19 data abound, none of those sources is itself completely reliable and each has certain strength and weaknesses. A document has been recently devised to guide decision-makers in how they understand and use COVID-19 measurements, such as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases or deaths.   You might also like:... Read more

Executive Health Management

Measuring the Nation’s Health

2019 13 Nov

Summary: A new health index proposed by the UK Government may be an effective way of collecting and acting upon abundant health data. It could also facilitate funding allocation to the most efficient initiatives, if devised and applied properly. As a nation, we do not lack health statistics. We collect hundreds of figures, from simple mortality... Read more