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How to Improve Diagnostic AI in Medicine?

2021 08 Nov

The University of Johannesburg recently publicised a study published in Informatics in Medicine Unlocked examining how to improve machine learning (ML) algorithms for healthcare use. Algorithms can better identify healthy individuals since they are often trained on ‘unbalanced’ datasets containing more healthy than sick individuals. Since fewer data... Read more

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Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology (MIIT) 2021

2021 12 Apr

Find MIIT Canada On Social Media This year, MIIT 2021 will take place as a series of virtual meetings. Read more

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14th International Conference on Health Informatics - HEALTHINF 2021

2021 11 Mar

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AMIA 2020 Virtual Annual Symposium

2020 14 Nov

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Enterprise Imaging

CCM Survey: Genomic Testing and Precision Medicine

2020 10 Aug

The U.S. Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) conducted an expert survey in March 2020 on the adoption of precision medicine programmes in health systems and application of genomic data management strategies.   You might also like: Health Informatics – ‘Lost Tribe’ No More   The survey (Center for Connected Medicine 2020)... Read more

Health Management

Volume 20 - Issue 4, 2020

2020 23 Jun

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Health Management

Health Informatics – ‘Lost Tribe’ No More

2020 23 Jun

An unexpected but positive development the COVID-19 crisis has brought into healthcare, is the rise of technology and inevitably, the recognition of the previously obscure field of health informatics. An expert at the NHS Wales Informatics Service talked to about the long journey of the profession from ‘the lost tribe’ to the... Read more