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Executive Health Management

The Sex and Gender Influence on Hypertension

2019 02 Oct

Despite underlying physiological differences and a different set of risk factors, diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies for hypertension do not account for sex and gender variances. Evidence-based guidelines for hypertension treatment from clinical trials are similar between males and females; however, most of these trials do not... Read more

Cardiology Management

Cardiac Resynchronisation’s Gender Bias

2014 24 Jun

Biventricular pacing, also known as cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT), is used to improve cardiac rhythm in heart failure patients. Ultimately, CRT can lower the number of hospitalisations and the risk of death in such patients. A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that women may benefit more than men from CRT-D, in which CRT is combined... Read more

Cardiology Management

Study: Gender Inequalities in Heart Attack, Angina Care Delivery

2014 18 Mar

According to a new study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), among younger adults experiencing heart attacks and angina, findings show men receive faster care compared with women of the same age. It Other gender-related factors affecting access to care for both men and women were also uncovered. With the aim of understanding... Read more

Cardiology Management

Use of Gender-Specific Chest Pain Symptoms in Early Diagnosis of Heart Attack not Conclusive

2013 26 Nov

A study published by JAMA Internal Medicine does not appear to support the use of chest pain characteristics (CPCs) specific to women in the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI, heart attack) in the emergency department. The vast majority of patients with AMI (90%) report chest pain or discomfort, however some patients present... Read more