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Cardiology Management

Flu Shot Protects Diabetics from CV Hospitalisations

2016 02 Aug

A new study conducted with adults with type 2 diabetes in UK primary-care clinics shows that those who received the influenza shot had lower hospitalisation rates for flu and pneumonia, major cardiovascular diseases and death during the following flu season as compared to those who were not vaccinated. The study is published in CMAJ. This is the first... Read more

Lab Management

Universal Flu Shot on the Horizon

2015 18 Jan

It is already known that this year's flu shot is not completely effective and will not be a good match against the influenza strain. However, researchers at McMaster University and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York are confident that a universal flu vaccine is on the horizon thanks to the discovery of a new class of antibodies... Read more