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Health Management

Cancer Research Powered by Place: How Location and Health go Hand-in-Hand

2016 04 Jan

Place matters. Everything we do happens somewhere and that place can offer great insights. A place based approach is powerful. geography as a science provides both content and context for our work and facilitates our understanding of the world. By linking all sorts of data through their common geography, we can analyse, visualise, and detect patterns... Read more

Health Management

2015 11 Feb

Canadian company DIRTT Environmental Solutions built its name with sustainable, flexible, fast and cost-competitive construction in office and retail design, working with prestigious clients that include everything from AT&T to your local dentist’s office. DIRTT - Doing It Right This Time - describes its approach as less a modular wall system... Read more

IMAGING Management

Konica Minolta - Creating “New Value” Meaningful For Society

2014 03 Jan

Under the management philosophy “The Creation of New Value,” Konica Minolta continues to be committed to creating and offering new value that is meaningful for society.  Advancing steadily toward realising its vision of the kind of company that it aims to be, “a company both supported and relied upon throughout the world”, Konica Minolta have... Read more