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ACEP 2021 - American College of Emergency Physicians

2021 25 Oct

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World Congress of Intensive & Critical Care WCICC 2021

2021 11 Sep


Lifesaving Applications of Transoesophageal Echocardiography in Critical and Emergency Care

2020 15 Jan

This article provides an overview of transoesophageal echocardiography training, programme development, feasibility and impact on the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. Recently clinicians at our centre managed one of the most critical patient emergencies. An elderly woman (Patient A) presented to our emergency department... Read more

SWEETs - Swedish Emergency Medicine Talks 2020

2020 11 Mar

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The role of disruptive and hybrid technologies in acute care

2019 14 Mar

Section Editor Theodorus Kyprianou introduces the “Informatics and Technology” section of ICU Management & Practice.   It is with great pleasure that I introduce today “Informatics and Technology,” an open forum to discuss the role of new, disruptive, hybrid technologies in acute, emergency and intensive care medicine. This brand-new section... Read more

SWEETs - Swedish Emergency Medicine Talks 2019

2019 13 Mar

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Creating a New Standard for Emergency Care

2017 16 Jun

Point-of-care ultrasound is helping clinicians at the Great North Trauma and Emergency Centre to assess a wide range of patients Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is now commonly used in emergency departments throughout the UK. These instruments provide valuable insight for the assessment of both trauma and non-trauma patients, as well as... Read more

Fluid Responsiveness in Emergency Care

2017 11 Apr

While fluid responsiveness is directly relevant to emergency care, a systematic review has found very little evidence (489 patients in total) on which to base best practice. High quality, adequately powered outcome studies are still lacking, so the place of fluid responsiveness in the emergency department (ED) remains undefined, according to the review... Read more