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Executive Health Management


2023 20 Nov

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ICU Management


2023 26 Apr

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ICU Management


2022 14 Oct

An overview of antimicrobial stewardship in critical care units and emergency departments, highlighting aspects to reduce multidrug resistance focusing on antibiotic optimisation in respiratory infections and sepsis. Introduction Infections caused by resistant bacteria are associated with higher treatment costs and increased morbidity...Read more

ICU Management


2021 25 Oct

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ICU Management


2021 11 Sep


ICU Management


2020 15 Jan

This article provides an overview of transoesophageal echocardiography training, programme development, feasibility and impact on the diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. Recently clinicians at our centre managed one of the most critical patient emergencies. An elderly woman (Patient A) presented to our emergency department...Read more

ICU Management


2020 11 Mar

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ICU Management


2019 14 Mar

Section Editor Theodorus Kyprianou introduces the “Informatics and Technology” section of ICU Management & Practice.   It is with great pleasure that I introduce today “Informatics and Technology,” an open forum to discuss the role of new, disruptive, hybrid technologies in acute, emergency and intensive care medicine. This brand-new section...Read more

ICU Management


2019 13 Mar

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Executive Health Management


2019 09 May

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ICU Management


2017 16 Jun

Point-of-care ultrasound is helping clinicians at the Great North Trauma and Emergency Centre to assess a wide range of patients Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is now commonly used in emergency departments throughout the UK. These instruments provide valuable insight for the assessment of both trauma and non-trauma patients, as well as...Read more

IMAGING Management


2017 21 Apr

Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is now a common sight in emergency departments throughout the UK. Professor Bob Jarman, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Great North Trauma and Emergency Centre, explained the potential benefits of more widespread ultrasound use: “There is a lot of interest in POC ultrasound within our department, above and beyond...Read more

ICU Management


2017 11 Apr

While fluid responsiveness is directly relevant to emergency care, a systematic review has found very little evidence (489 patients in total) on which to base best practice. High quality, adequately powered outcome studies are still lacking, so the place of fluid responsiveness in the emergency department (ED) remains undefined, according to the review...Read more

IMAGING Management


2017 06 Feb

Point-of-care ultrasound systems were originally designed for military applications, dealing with emergencies in a battlefield setting, and it is not surprising that they now play such a pivotal role in emergency vehicles around the world. Dr Ramón de Elías Hernandez, head of on-call doctors at SAMUR, Madrid’s municipal emergency service, describes...Read more

Executive Health Management


2016 20 Dec

In 2014, more than 1.1 million emergency care cases in Abu Dhabi alone Projected demand for major trauma in Abu Dhabi is double that of major trauma rates in the UK and Australia Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) to collaborate with Arab Health Congress to support Emergency Medicine physicians in developing their skills and...Read more

ICU Management


2016 01 Jun

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ICU Management


2015 29 Sep

A new compendium of strategies to enhance survival of victims from mass casualty events has been released as a supplement to the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons. The report, "Strategies to Enhance Survival in Active Shooter and Intentional Mass Casualty Events: A Compendium", contains recommendations from the Joint Committee to Create...Read more

ICU Management


2015 14 Sep

The University of Chicago Medicine and Sinai Health System are partnering to create a more comprehensive system of needed trauma and emergency care for Chicago’s South and Southwest side communities. The two organisations will build and operate a Level 1 adult trauma centre at Holy Cross Hospital, part of the Sinai Health System. Holy Cross, at 68th...Read more

Executive Health Management


2015 10 Aug

An article published in Annals of Emergency Medicine offers guidance on maximising the value of health information exchange (HIE) in emergency departments. The report lists five primary and seven secondary recommendations made by an emergency physician-led workgroup to improve HIE in the emergency room. "HIE helps emergency physicians — who usually...Read more

ICU Management


2015 15 Jul

The nature of their work and daily exposure to death and other mortality cues make emergency nurses highly susceptible to death anxiety, according to a paper published online in the journal Emergency Nurse . Death anxiety, or "thanatophobia", is a state in which people experience negative emotional reactions in recognition of their own mortality....Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 17 May

Use of portable ultrasound has been shown to be effective in detecting the presence of minor fractures in patients presenting to a minor injuries unit. Results of the study, published in the journal Emergency Nurse , showed that 85 percent of patients with a fracture confirmed by x-ray had injuries detected through ultrasonography. The findings mean...Read more

ICU Management


2015 12 May

Frequent users of emergency department (ED) care are more than twice as likely as infrequent users to die, be admitted to hospital, or require other outpatient treatment. The new findings are based on a systematic review of available evidence and published online in Emergency Medicine Journal . Relevant data analysed by researchers from the University...Read more

Executive Health Management


2014 30 Dec

Surgical care plays a major role in the rising cost of hospital care in the United States, representing nearly 30 percent of total healthcare expenditures. New research shows that hospital expenditures and the mortality risks associated with three common procedures can be significantly reduced when the surgeries are planned in advance instead of being...Read more

ICU Management


2014 07 Jun

A recent study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, has analysed and compared the costs involved in the three types of intensive care transports commonly used in Sweden. The aim was to evaluate to what extent the road ambulance, rotor-wing ambulance and fixed-wing ambulance differed in their...Read more

ICU Management


2014 16 May

Ambu develops, produces and markets diagnostic and life-supporting devices. Ambu's products are used in hospitals, clinics and emergency services by doctors, nurses and paramedics who work every day to save lives and improve patient care.   In Airway Management, Ambu is at the forefront of innovation with a comprehensive range of unique single-use...Read more

Cardiology Management


2014 18 Mar

According to a new study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal), among younger adults experiencing heart attacks and angina, findings show men receive faster care compared with women of the same age. It Other gender-related factors affecting access to care for both men and women were also uncovered. With the aim of understanding...Read more

IT Management


2014 14 Mar

The SOS-ICE accessories have been designed to benefit people with Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Allergies and other medical conditions. The medical alert accessories, which include NFC chip enabled wristbands and stickers, can be pre-ordered via a crowdfunding campaign. Innovamo Oy, a startup from Finland that develops innovative mobile solutions and...Read more