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2023 14 Sep

The analysis of clinician feedback is critical for pinpointing three fundamental pillars essential to Electronic Health Record (EHR) satisfaction: (1) a high level of user expertise, (2) an organisation-wide sense of shared ownership, and (3) EHR technology that aligns with users' specific requirements, often referred to as personalisation. This report...Read more

IT Management


2019 20 Jun

A report published by Deep Knowledge Analytics shows that AI-Friendly chiefs are more likely to help drive their organisation to success.   Researchers did a deep dive with 50 pharma and tech corporations and discovered that when CEOs and board members embraced AI, it indicated R&D efficiency and the likelihood of more success in drug discovery....Read more

IT Management


2019 06 Mar

  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is supporting machine learning in patient care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) with an academic research grant.   With a range of AWS machine learning services, the Harvard Medical School -affiliated teaching hospital will explore new ways that the technology can enhance clinical care,...Read more

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2016 21 Mar

Interoperability has its advantages with information sharing across networks helping improve efficiency in patient care. But it also comes as no surprise that there are also costs to being connected as has been shown by a study on emails connected to Electronics health Records (EHRs) Researchers in Texas undertook a study on email overload and found...Read more

IT Management


2015 20 Sep

With increasing emphasis on value-based care, hospitals are coming under pressure to find ways to optimise staff and resource utilisation that leads to improved care quality and cost reduction. To save costs, hospitals must first find out exactly how much they are spending. A bespoke software program has helped the University of Utah Healthcare with...Read more