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Cardiology Management

Cardiac Specialists Propose New Heart Donation Guidelines

2015 17 Jan

Cardiac specialists have proposed new guidelines for heart transplant patients to receive donor organs. The proposed changes will improve the organ distribution process, increasing the survival rates of patients awaiting transplant surgery and post-transplant treatment. The recommendations are detailed in the January 2015 edition of the American Journal... Read more

ICU Management

Organ Donors Who Need Kidneys Go to Top of Transplant List

2014 08 Dec

Based on a new study in the US, living organ donors who later need a kidney go to the top of the transplant waiting list and get excellent-quality kidneys compared to their counterparts who were not donors. The finding tends to confirm that a US policy giving priority to previous organ donors on the transplant waiting list is working, according to Dr.... Read more

ICU Management

Kidney Transplant Chain Saves Six Lives In Australia

2014 10 Jun

Australia’s largest paired kidney exchange saved the lives of six people in recent weeks, but the number of lives affected by the operation reaches into the hundreds. In addition to the families of the recipients who will enjoy the extended lives of their loved ones, more than 200 medical staff contributed to the successful simultaneous surgeries.... Read more