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IT Management

TeraRecon Debuts Next Generation Northstar™ AI Explorer at SIIM18

2018 31 May

TeraRecon  today announced that its first-of-kind Northstar™ AI Explorer has reached a new milestone that allows physicians to interact with individual measurements, markings, and findings created by AI image processing algorithms. To demonstrate the potential of these AI-assisted workflows, the company is previewing an end-to-end cardiac MR analysis... Read more

Executive Health Management

eHealth – transforming healthcare in disruptive times

2018 23 May

Where is eHealth in Ireland heading and where could it lead us?   Examining the state of eHealth, its challenges and opportunities at the European Association of Hospital Managers congress in Dublin.   With digital innovations dramatically transforming every layer of the healthcare landscape, intensive discussions are required to manage... Read more

IMAGING Management

AI and radiology: collaboration is key

2018 08 May

Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning have been met with great interest by the medical community. Particularly in the field of radiology, however, the arrival of AI has been met with responses ranging from cautious scepticism to outright fear and hostility, notes an Opinion article in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. "Such... Read more

IMAGING Management

AI to enhance, not replace, radiologists' jobs

2018 02 Apr

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence, including deep learning, are a major factor behind improvements in medical image analysis. Some deep learning models have shown their ability to identify pathologies in radiological images such as bone fractures and potentially cancerous lesions, in some cases more reliably than an average radiologist. With... Read more

Health Management

Artificial intelligence and radiology: human-machine collaboration is key

2018 20 Feb

Human-machine collaboration is key. Should radiologists be buying into the hype about artificial intelligence? HealthManagement spoke to Prof.Paul Chang about AI, deep learning and the advantages of intellectual arbitrage. How are artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning shaping radiology? In healthcare in general, and radiology... Read more

Health Management

The challenges and opportunities of tomorrow’s radiologist

2018 25 Jan

Radiology facing its future head on. An overview of how smart  tools such as artificial intelligence should perhaps  not be feared, but rather accepted and embraced. The future of radiology is indeed a hot topic in healthcare today. The role that smart technologies such as... Read more

Health Management

Utility of artificial intelligence in cardiology

2018 25 Jan

A step forward for daily practice. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are proving their utility in the evolving field of cardiology. However, it's necessary that cardiologists understand their full potential in order to use them efficiently in the near future. Decision making in medicine Nowadays, the decision-making process in medicine is a... Read more

IMAGING Management

Deep Learning to redefine the role of radiology: Dr. Paul Chang reports during RSNA 2017 Congress

2017 28 Nov

The role of deep learning (DL) and artificial intelligence (AI) within radiology continues to spark both fear and interest, yet the reality is that they are both potentially very useful technologies that will add value to the field in many ways.   During a session at the RSNA 2017 Congress in Chicago, USA, Dr. Paul Chang, MD, of the... Read more