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Executive Health Management

The Y Generation: What They Want from Healthcare

2016 25 Nov

  As demographics shift and change, healthcare organisations and systems are asking how they can attract the millennial generation to their services. They are not the only ones in healthcare eager to find out how millennials tick. Hospital boards are also interested in how the input the millennial generation can offer. Millennial Nicholas... Read more

Executive Health Management

Digital Healthcare? Consumers Not Really Interested

2016 27 Sep

Patients can now shop for care, use telehealth or communicate by email with clinicians. Sounds like a brave new world but all is not what it seems; CBS reported that according to a new PwC Research Institute study, SurvivingSeismic Change: Winning a Piece of the $5 trillion U.S. Health EcoSystem most consumers don’t engage with the... Read more

Executive Health Management

Complex Infection Data Confusing for Consumers

2015 01 Dec

According to a study published in  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, patients often find it difficult to decipher complex numeric data on healthcare-associated infections used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). While healthcare organisations have made an effort to involve individuals and enable them to take a more active... Read more