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ICU Management

2022 15 Feb

Over the years, there have been many advancements in the understanding of critical illness pathophysiology, technologies used to support failing organ systems, and improvements in communication and shared decision-making. In this review, the authors reflect on the role of compassion and openness of critical care clinicians when supporting patients,...Read more

Executive Health Management

2019 27 Nov

Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) with lower levels of self-criticism and higher levels of self-kindness deliver better outcomes for patients. Such are the results of a new research from  Christchurch Group  – the UK’s provider of award-winning neurorehabilitation services – led by the Group’s Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Dr Julianne...Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 20 Jul

23 July marks international #hellomynameis day, the campaign which spreads the message on something that is sadly lacking in some healthcare quarters: simple and human communication between staff and patients. caught up with campaign co-founder, Chris Pointon, to find out about the wildfire changes the campaign is making in...Read more

ICU Management

2018 29 Jan

We received a MET call (Medical Emergency Team) from the general ward to immediately come and assist. The patient's name was Mr. 'Stevens'. He was 81 and was in our hospital due to severe exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). He was in acute respiratory distress and had low blood pressure. There was no time to discuss whether...Read more

ICU Management

2017 11 Jan

In a new article, a critical care medicine physician from Henry Ford Hospital describes in great detail  her near-death experience. The article, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has resulted in a campaign designed to make healthcare professionals communicate more effectively and to be more empathetic towards their patients. See...Read more

Health Management

2015 10 Mar

Dr. Kate Granger is the founder of the “Hello my name is…” campaign, which aims to promote respectful treatment of patients by reminding hospital staff to introduce themselves to the people they serve. Granger is also a terminally ill cancer patient who has been undergoing chemotherapy. The campaign grew from her desire to improve the hospital experience...Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 26 Feb

Many physicians struggle to deliver bad news to cancer patients. They must balance the need to honestly inform patients about their prognoses while expressing empathy. According to new research, cancer patients who are given an optimistic message from their doctors which includes possible future treatment options are more likely to perceive a higher...Read more