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Executive Health Management

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: East Coast 2019

2019 21 May

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Health Management

Chronic Inequities: The top killer of women in Europe?

2018 21 Aug

Women are underrepresented throughout the health policy continuum from research to access and appropriate healthcare. How can this imbalance be addressed? What is killing women in Europe today? The list includes cardiovascular disease, cancer and respiratory disease, which account for nearly four-fifths of women's (and men’s) deaths on... Read more

Cardiology Management

Why is data on heart failure medications' efficacy in women limited?

2018 04 Jul

Heart failure (HF) is almost as common in women as men, but its characteristics vary by sex. Of note, women are largely underrepresented in clinical trials of HF medications, and that evidence of medications’ efficacy in women is limited, according to a review article in the journal ESC Heart Failure.  Heart failure presentation differs between... Read more

ICU Management

4 Clinical Trials/Studies to be Presented at ISICEM 2017

2017 13 Mar

The results of some highly anticipated clinical trials and studies will be presented on 21 March 2017 at the opening ceremony of the 37th ISICEM in Brussels. The opening session will take place from 08.30-10.00 and will surely present some fascinating interpretations and conclusions, so mark your calendar to ensure you don’t miss it. The following... Read more

IMAGING Management

8 Clinical Trials to be Presented at ECR 2017

2017 16 Feb

Hear from investigators of key clinical trials in radiology, who will present preliminary and final results from  recent trials that will impact clinical practice. This year there are two Clinical Trials in Radiology Sessions: Clinical Trials in Radiology 1 When: Wednesday 1 March Time: 12:30 - 13:30 Room: M 1 1. Preoperative Breast... Read more

ICU Management

Open Clinical Trials: Are We Nearly There Yet?

2016 23 Jun

Laser imaging of sites in Cambodia has revealed details of ancient cities unknown till now to archaeologists . Will it take as long to reveal clinical trials data? OpenTrials is described as an “open free database and web service to identify, aggregate, store, match, index and share all available documents and data on all clinical trials.” It is... Read more

IT Management

Computers Learning to Improve Clinical Trial Participation

2016 28 Apr

With medical research struggling to recruit necessary numbers for clinical trials and studies being compromised or halted altogether, scientists are teaching computers to figure out why people accept or decline invitations to take part. Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre have reported in the Journal of the American... Read more

ICU Management

Sepsis Clinical Trials - Can Do Better?

2016 05 Apr

Mortality from sepsis remains high, and results of clinical trials have been disappointing. Changing trials design has the potential to improve treatment, according to leading experts in sepsis and acute heart failure. The results of their discussions, which were facilitated by the European Drug Development , are published in the Journal of Intensive... Read more