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Utility of Chest Radiograph for Clinical Diagnosis of COVID-19

2020 18 Sep

One of the main organs affected by the coronavirus is the lung. While most patients have no symptoms or mild symptoms, some develop dyspnoea, tachypnea, and respiratory distress that may require mechanical ventilation.  In many parts of Europe, the US, and Asia, the CT scan has been widely used to assess the lungs in patients with COVID 19. Not only... Read more

A CT Scanner in Your Pocket?

2020 12 Feb

Lung ultrasound (LUS) is still a young diagnostic tool. However, its use is growing quite rapidly. LUS is an important component of ultrasound courses around the world. It is also incorporated into many shock and hypoxia assessment protocols. LUS is now included as a part of the examination by the National Board of Echocardiography Examination of Special... Read more

Real-Time Triaging of Adult Chest Radiographs

2019 14 Aug

A recent study tested the ability of an artificial intelligence (AI) system to triage adult chest radiographs in real-time. Based on deep convolutional neural networks (CNN), the system was able to prioritise radiographs based on the urgency for follow-up treatment, with the aim of improving radiologists’ workflow.   470,388 anonymous adult chest... Read more