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ESC Preventive Cardiology 2023

2023 13 Apr

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Cardiology Management

ESC Preventive Cardiology 2022

2022 07 Apr

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Cardiology Management

OPTICARE Trial: Enhanced Cardiac Rehab Programmes Don't Decrease Cardiovascular Risk

2016 29 Aug

Findings from the OPTImal CArdiac REhabilitation (OPTICARE) trial presented at the ESC Congress 2016 show that enhanced cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programmes that include a year of group or personal lifestyle and fitness coaching did not improve cardiovascular risk scores more as compared to a standard 3-month programme in patients recovering from... Read more

Cardiology Management

Testosterone Therapy Lowers Risk of CVD

2015 17 Aug

A new study conducted with more than 83,000 patients reports that men whose low testosterone levels were restored to normal through gels, patches, or injections have a lower risk of heart attack, stroke, or death from any cause as compared to men who remain untreated. The study is published in the European Heart Journal.  The findings also show... Read more

Cardiology Management

ESC: CVD Kills 51% of Women, Breast Cancer Kills 3%

2015 06 Mar

CVD is the top cause of death in women in Europe Cardiovascular disease (CVD) kills 51% of women in Europe and breast cancer kills 3%, bucking the misperception that CVD is a man’s disease. CVD is the top killer in women and is largely preventable. The call for women to reduce their risk comes from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) on International... Read more