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Physician burnout - looking beyond occupational stressors

2018 28 Feb

It is generally believed that burnout is a serious problem among physicians, and work-related factors (i.e., long or irregular shifts, issues with co-workers, etc.) are often cited as culprits. A recent review by Panagioti et al. has found that about half of U.S. cardiologists suffer from burnout. The authors suggest that burnout among cardiologists... Read more

Cardiology Management

Preventing Burnout Among Cardiologists

2017 07 Mar

Physicians are among society’s highest paid and most respected professionals, but they have higher rates of dissatisfaction and burnout compared to other American workers. A possible explanation for why doctors are becoming increasingly burnt out is that they may have lost faith in the practice of medicine itself, according to an Editorial published... Read more

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Survey: Cardiology Workforce is Ageing, Male-Dominated

2017 17 Jan

Cardiologists are generally happy in their field, but discrepancies remain between the career experiences of men and women, according to results of the American College of Cardiology's third Professional Life Survey. The results, published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology, also reflect an ageing workforce that is less likely to be in... Read more

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Cardiologists: Second Highest Paid Physicians

2016 12 Apr

A new compensation reports shows that cardiologists are the second-highest-paid physicians earning approximately $410,000 annually. However, fewer than half of them believe they are paid fairly. Satisfaction with compensation among cardiologists varied by gender and by self-employment. 61 percent of employed male cardiologists and 38 percent of... Read more

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Maintaining Medical Certification at Valuable Time Cost

2015 02 Aug

New research indicates that the cost of completing the American Board of Internal Medicine’s maintenance of certification (MOC) programme may be higher than previously estimated, raising further concerns about the value of the programme. Physician cost for the 2015 version of the MOC programme averages at $23,607 over 10 years, with time accounting... Read more

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Cardiovascular Imaging in Europe - Who Does What?

2015 18 May

Demand for cardiovascular imaging (CVI) continues to increase due to changes in CV disease epidemiology and ageing of the population. However, reliable statistics on CVI practice in Europe are lacking. In 2013, the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) and the European Society of Cardiology conducted a survey to gather as much current... Read more

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What Happens When Cardiologists are Away?

2015 03 May

There are two major cardiology conferences in the U.S. These include the American Heart Association conference which takes place in the fall and the American College of Cardiology or ACC conference which usually takes place early in the year. There are over 30,000 cardiologists in the U.S. and approximately 7000 of them are estimated to attend these... Read more

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Patients Not Negatively Affected When Cardiologists Are Away

2014 23 Dec

According to a report published by JAMA Internal Medicine, having cardiologists away from hospitals for national cardiology meetings did not negatively affect Medicare patients admitted for heart conditions.   A large number of cardiologists take time off work to attend cardiology meetings. To date, how their absence affects patients was unknown.... Read more