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Pancreatic Stone Protein for Predicting Perioperative Infection in Cardiac Surgery

2022 06 Dec

According to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC), sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection. The organ dysfunction may be transitory in some patients, but complications can always occur in others. For example, a patient who has undergone cardiac surgery can present postoperative cardiac dysfunction,... Read more

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Perioperative Dexmedetomidine and Postoperative Delirium

2021 21 Sep

Delirium is very common in patients who undergo major cardiac and non-cardiac surgery. Delirium is associated with postoperative mortality, postoperative cognitive dysfunction, increased length of stay in the hospital and postoperative complications and morbidity.   A study was conducted to investigate the effect of perioperative administration of... Read more

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PCICS Annual International Meeting 2021

2021 20 Sep

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UK Cardiac CT 2021

2021 27 Jun


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Cardiology World Conference 2021

2021 17 Sep

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Promising Techniques in Sepsis After Cardiac Surgery

2020 14 Sep

The purpose of this article is to give an up-to-date, comprehensive review on the utilisation of extracorporeal blood purification techniques and immunostimulation in septic patients after cardiac surgery. Introduction Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening state caused by an infection and an inadequate, dysregulated host immune... Read more

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PCICS Annual International Meeting 2019

2019 20 Nov

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Vitamin D deficiency in ICU patients

2019 30 May

A review on the role of vitamin D in a well-defined setting of critically ill patients: patients undergoing cardiac surgery and organ transplantation, and the potential benefit of vitamin D supplementation.   Vitamin D research has experienced a true hype in all fields of medicine in the last decades. In critical illness, this increased... Read more

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#ISICEM19: Prof. Giovanni Landoni presents results of the MYRIAD Trial

2019 20 Mar

Professor Giovanni Landoni, the Head of Research, Anesthesia and Intensive Care Department, IRCCS San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, presented the results of the MYRIAD trial at the  39th International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine . The study, ' Volatile anesthetics versus total intravenous anesthesia for cardiac surgery... Read more