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Executive Health Management

Inspire2live Annual Congress

2018 07 Feb

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IMAGING Management

Value-added Activities in Radiology

2017 02 May

Value-based medical care has been the mantra of the U.S. Affordable Care Act. According to a new study, breast imaging radiologists dedicate a significant amount of their time to value-added activities to help improve patients’ experience across the continuity of their care. The findings are reported in the journal Cancer Control.    As the healthcare... Read more

Health Management

Precision in the Fight Against the Global Cancer Problem

2016 05 Jan

Precision in medicine is a popular notion: precision to target an individual, precision to target a tumour, precision to target a molecule within a tumour. On occasion, this notion of precision no doubt evokes a crude analogy with images of the laser-guided missiles of war. As with modern warfare waged on any enemy, the war on cancer will use precision... Read more

Health Management

Cancer Services: Matching Supply with Demand

2016 05 Jan

Redesigning cancer services in the acute setting is the only way  to cope with growing demand. A transformation of cancer services in the UK needs to be brought about as a matter of urgency if there is to be any hope of matching current, not to mention future, demand with supply. Incidence of cancer is rising by two to three percent per annum and in... Read more