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Volpara Solutions Wins Technology Innovation Award

2014 19 Sep

Frost & Sullivan have recently recognised Volpara Solutions with the 2014 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership. This award is presented each year to a company that demonstrates uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that can have an impact on the functionality and customer value of the new products... Read more

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3-Minute Breast MRI 'Better than Mammography'

2014 25 Aug

An accelerated MRI protocol for breast cancer screening takes only three minutes, but data show it is comparable  to a regular MRI which can last as long as 21 minutes, and is more accurate than digital mammography. A proof-of-concept study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology , said the accelerated MRI worked as well as regular MRI for... Read more

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Mammography: Women Over 75 Still Benefit

2014 05 Aug

The value of mammography screening in older women has been much debated over the last few years. While the American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms in women 75 or older, the US Preventive Services Task Force does not support this recommendation and believes that there is insufficient evidence with respect to its benefits and harm. It is... Read more

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US Density Reporting Legislation Moves Forward

2014 18 Jul

A national standard to report breast tissue composition moves forward as federal legislation to standardise breast density reporting is introduced in the senate and house. Senator Diane Feinstein of California and Senator Kelley Ayotte of New Hampshire introduce bi-partisan legislation to standardise the communication of dense breast tissue... Read more

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SA Mobile Mammo Unit 'PinkDrive' Deploys RamSoft’s PACS

2014 18 Jun

PinkDrive, South Africa’s first mobile mammography units implement PowerServer PACS for their "Early Detection Save Lives" breast cancer program. PinkDrive, a non-profit organisation dependent on donations, reached out to Bidvest in efforts to provide free mammography screening to rural areas where women can’t afford to go see doctors. They... Read more

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Fujifilm / US National Breast Cancer Foundation Launch “Images Of Health” Campaign

2014 02 May

Millions of women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer; but early detection and treatment are among the most effective ways to overcome cancer and live life to the fullest.    Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. and the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) have announced a collaboration that will extend the work of Fujifilm’s Images... Read more

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VuCOMP Releases M-Vu Breast Density Version 2.0

2014 16 Apr

Automated breast density measurement technology adds critical dimension to the analysis of breast density beyond volume alone: identifying dense tissue in the breast that could mask cancer and taking into account dispersion of fibroglandular tissue VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the release of an updated version of its M-Vu Breast Density.  The... Read more

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Digital Mammography Lowers Recall and Biopsy Rates

2014 07 Apr

Findings of a new study associate population-based screening with full-field digital mammography (FFDM) with lower recall and biopsy rates than screen film mammography (SFM).  The research, conducted by Solveig Hofvind, PhD, Cancer Registry of Norway and Oslo University College, in Oslo, Norway, and published online in the journal Radiology,... Read more

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VuCOMP Computer-Aided Mammography Detection Installed at Baptist Health

2014 11 Mar

VuCOMP, Inc. has announced the installation of both the M-Vu Breast Density and M-Vu CAD (Computer-Aided Detection) for Mammography throughout Baptist Health imaging centers in Jacksonville, Florida.   VuCOMP’s Breast Density and CAD systems are designed to provide an unprecedented level of performance to help radiologists find breast cancer... Read more

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Breast Tissue Density Irrelevant for Molecular Imaging

2014 24 Feb

Dense breast tissue is a non-issue for molecular breast imaging According to the findings of a team of radiologists and surgeons at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington DC, USA, it appears that Molecular Breast Imaging is capable of detecting cancer regardless of breast tissue density.  Recently published in the... Read more