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IMAGING Management

Bone Marrow-on-a-Chip Model Can Assess Radiation Damage

2016 09 May

Engineered bone marrow grown in a novel microfluidic chip device responds to damaging radiation exposure followed by treatment with compounds that aid in blood cell recovery in a way that mimics living bone marrow. This new bone marrow-on-a-chip microdevice holds promise for testing and developing improved radiation countermeasures, as described... Read more

Cardiology Management

Mass Produced Platelets

2016 12 Apr

Scientists at the NHS and University of Cambridge have discovered how to grow the body's platelet factories in the laboratory. This is a significant leap towards mass producing platelets. However, the researchers still need to make the process more efficient before they can start trials. The breakthrough is reported in the journal Nature Communications.... Read more

Pharmacy Management

EAHP 2016

2016 03 Sep

The program will offer a well-balanced mixture of scientific and practical issues of the topics to be covered. The general outline of the meeting will follow the traditional – and very successful – format. It will start with the educational session, followed by the Bone Marrow and Lymphoma symposia and workshops. The scientific program will include... Read more