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ICU Management

2016 03 Aug

The intensive care infection score (ICIS) has potential as a biomarker for infection, according to a study published in critical care. is derived from 5 blood-cell derived parameters that characterise the innate immune response in routine blood samples. Patrick J van der Geest, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands, and colleagues report on the...Read more

ICU Management

2015 21 Oct

On Thursday, October 29th, Nanosphere and Xtalks will host a complimentary, P.A.C.E. accredited webinar on the clinical impact of rapid blood culture testing. This webinar will review the current guidelines for the management of septic patients and discuss the impact that rapid blood culture diagnostics are having on the clinician's ability to manage...Read more

Lab Management

2014 11 Sep

There is no doubt that blood culture isolates are the cornerstone of adequate antibiotic treatment but it is a fact that many blood cultures are contaminated with bacteria residing on the skin. The most common of these contaminants are coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS). Contaminated cultures are generally discarded and disregarded,...Read more