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Executive Health Management

BIO International Convention (BIO) 2019

2019 03 Jun

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Executive Health Management

FT Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conference 2019

2019 11 Nov

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AI can triage chest X-rays in record time

2019 23 Jan

Chest X-rays are the routine 'go-to' test used as the first step in medical protocols to help diagnose multiple issues affecting the lungs, heart, bones and soft tissues. Chest X-rays comprise close to 50 percent of all diagnostic medical imaging performed globally. Consequently, the enormity of volume of these exams creates significant backlogs at... Read more

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Siemens Healthineers & Biogen Plans to Jointly Develop New MRI Tools for Multiple Sclerosis

2017 17 Jan

Project will explore quantitative MRI metrics for more informed treatment decision making   Siemens Healthineers and Biogen has announced that the companies plan to jointly develop magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications with the intent of quantifying key markers of multiple sclerosis (MS) disease activity and progression. Biogen... Read more

Executive Health Management

Hill-Rom Appoints Dr. Dirk Ehlers New President, Trumpf Medical

2015 24 Sep

Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.(NYSE: HRC ) announced the appointment of Dr.Dirk Ehlers as President, Trumpf Medical. Before joining Hill-Rom, Ehlers, 54, was President and Chief Executive Officer of Eppendorf, a life science tools company, based in Germany. Prior to Eppendorf, Ehlers served as the Head of Professional Diagnostics with Roche Diagnostics,... Read more

IT Management

Life Sciences First New Company Under Google's Alphabet

2015 22 Aug

In a blog published this morning, Google's co-founder and Alphabet President Sergey Brin announced LIfe Sciences as the first new company created under the Alphabet umbrella. This does not come as a surprise since Alphabet CEO Larry Page had already announced that life sciences and biotechnology will be a core area of focus for the newly restructured... Read more

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Nobel Laureate Will Discuss Present and Future of Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment

2015 22 Jan

Nobel laureate Martin Chalfie, PhD, will be the keynote speaker at Cedars-Sinai’s 3rd Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment Conference on 13-14 March 2015. The biennial event will bring together two dozen experts from around the world to discuss emerging trends in the study and treatment of diseases at the molecular and atomic levels. During the conference,... Read more

Pharmacy Management

Biosimilars: Billions in Sales and Savings by 2020

2014 01 Oct

According to new research from Thomson Reuters Bioworld, there are more than 700 follow-on biologic therapies currently in development. The new therapies are expected to generate approximately $100 billion in sales by the end of this decade. These projections demonstrate that the biopharmaceutical development industry is rapidly growing with... Read more

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Frost & Sullivan: Volume Rises, Value Falls for Healthcare M&A Deals

2014 13 May

Patent expiry, together with an increase in generic competition in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, is expected to bring a number of deals. According to newly released analysis from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Trends in the Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry”, evolving conditions... Read more