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North Africa Health 2019

2019 06 Apr

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Engaging Patients in Anaesthesia, Pain Relief Choice

2015 27 Oct

Shared decision making helps create a more patient-centred process. Now a new study finds that patients became more engaged in their anaesthesia and pain relief options after receiving "decision aids" in the form of informational brochures. The results were presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY ® 2015 annual meeting held in San Diego, California. Surgery... Read more

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World Anaesthesia Day

2015 13 Oct

This week sees anaesthetists marking World Anaesthesia Day, a date that commemorates the first successful demonstration of ether anaesthesia on October 16, 1846.   One of the most significant events and developments in medical history, the demonstration took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the home of the Harvard School of Medicine.... Read more

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Better Way to Monitor Anaesthesia Depth

2015 13 Sep

Researchers have tested a new more nuanced form of investigating the subtle clues sent out by the human body during anaesthesia — particularly the cardiovascular signals that can indicate the state of the pain-monitoring autonomous nervous system. The results have proved more reliable than existing methods in monitoring depth of anaesthesia, according... Read more

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5 Billion People Lack Access to Surgery

2015 29 Apr

According to a major international study published in The Lancet , two thirds of the world's population have no access to basic surgery and anaesthesia — more than double the number in previous estimates. This means millions of people are dying from treatable conditions like appendicitis, fractures, or obstructed labour. The study shows that five... Read more