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2015 03 Nov

Embedding the XERO viewer into Agfa's EMR and EHR platforms creates an integrated point of access to a patient's clinical information and images Integrated  XERO viewer*  allows clinicians, specialists and other stakeholders to access patient imaging data from all sources, using a single viewer, device or EMR (electronic medical record)...Read more

IMAGING Management


2015 24 Nov

2015 sees successful expansion of company's converged platform approach. Multi-specialty clinical collaboration allows Radiologists to support value-based care coordination. Powerful task-based workflow changes paradigm of productivity and efficiency in Radiology. Embedded XERO Viewer enables universal access and mobility in...Read more

IMAGING Management


2016 14 Mar

Single, centrally hosted Enterprise Imaging will provide high, reliable performance over low bandwidth to radiologists at home or on site Enterprise Imaging is a single, completely unified imaging platform providing PACS, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information. Visual collaboration tools support Alliance...Read more

IMAGING Management


2016 14 Apr

Agreement for single, unified platform includes XERO zero-footprint image viewer and proven Agfa HealthCare project management for implementation   Enterprise Imaging for Radiology is a single, completely unified platform providing image management, reporting, advanced image processing and integration of clinical information. The Enterprise...Read more

Enterprise Imaging


2021 12 May

Amsterdam UMC has chosen to merge the image management infrastructure of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and VU medical center (VUmc) into a single entity, with Agfa HealthCare ’s Enterprise Imaging platform. Agfa HealthCare will provide all hardware and software, and will be responsible for the complete management of the enterprise-wide solution....Read more

Health Management


2022 13 Sep

An overview of large-scale, multi-site health IT projects which demonstrate how Agfa HealthCare has strategically and operationally guided clients, who make use of its flagship Enterprise Imaging platform, to fulfill complex requirements and bring to success tangible outcomes. Key Points A well-designed Enterprise Imaging platform...Read more