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Ventilators Compared for Use Safety and User Experience

2016 24 Aug

Market-leading ventilators are compared in a recently published article in Critical Care . The evaluation, by Plinio P. Morita and colleagues from the Techna Institute, University Health Network, Toronto, Canada, used a methodology that focuses on use safety and user experience. The study evaluated four ventilators, from Hamilton, Puritan Bennett,... Read more

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HAMILTON-T1 Transport Ventilator for Armed Forces

2016 23 May

Fully-featured ICU ventilation for military patient transports under the world’s toughest conditions Specially modified for military compliance to meet the highest demands in the most challenging environments worldwide, Hamilton Medical’s transport ventilator is now available for use by armed forces to safely accompany critical care patients in... Read more

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HAMILTON‐C3S: The First Compact High‐End Ventilator

2016 10 Feb

With a variety of unique features, the new HAMILTON‐C3S offers high‐end ventilation therapy for all patient groups – from neonates to adults.  The unique HAMILTON‐C3S is a transportable high‐end ventilator that provides cutting‐edge technology to protect your patient’s lungs and improve the ventilation quality. Thanks to its compact design and the independence... Read more

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Nigerian Doctor Invents Portable Low-Cost Ventilator

2016 19 Jan

Nigerian doctor, Dayo Olakulehin , has invented a cheap, portable, easily deployable, easy to use and rechargeable battery-powered ventilator, according to a report in Nigerian newspaper The Guardian . The D-Box, just launched in Lagos, costs around 100 times less than a conventional ventilator at an introductory price of US$300. Conventional ventilators... Read more