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Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) 2021

2021 27 May

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Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) 2020

2020 06 Nov


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VBHC Prize Event 2019

2019 18 Apr

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Why is value-based healthcare not saving money?

2018 10 Jul

Amidst rising health costs in the U.S., researchers have examined the role of value-based care and competition in the cost equation. They found that across 900 different markets, value-based payment models had not produced the expected reductions in costs, mainly because many markets have few value-based options available. In addition, many of... Read more

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2017 25 Jul

Tremendous progress has been made in healthcare over the last forty years. However there are still three outstanding problems which are found in every health service no matter how they are structured and funded.   One of these problems is huge and unwarranted variation in access, quality, cost and outcome, and this reveals a further two:... Read more

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VBC: Making Changes that Last

2016 28 Nov

Value based care has been triggering big changes across the healthcare sector. When the results start to show in the form of better patient outcomes, it is important to have a framework ready to support the changes to prevent slipping back into the old way of operating. In an article from Harvard Business Review , the Institute for Healthcare... Read more