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Executive Health Management

From EHMA to EPF: Usman Khan on his New Position as Executive Director

2019 16 Jul

Usman Khan left the European Management Association (EHMA) after three years to take up a position as Executive Director at the European Patients Forum (EPF) in April 2019. We sit down with Mr Khan to discuss the decisions that led him to his new role and what the future has in store as he oversees operations at EPF. What led you to join... Read more

Executive Health Management

Executive Director Usman Khan leaves the European Health Management Association

2019 15 Apr

Usman Khan, Executive Director will be leaving the European Health Management Association on April 26th 2019 to join the European Patients Forum (EPF). Usman has been in post for three years and has overseen a major period of change and development. Commenting on matters, EHMA President Professor Federico Lega said:   “On behalf of the EHMA Board,... Read more