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Patients Want Video Radiology Reports

2022 24 Apr

According a study recently published in the American Journal of Roentgenology , adding video into radiology reports improves patient engagement and help patients better understand their medical conditions.   Patient-centredness has become an increasingly important priority in healthcare, highlighting the significance of good patient communication. For... Read more

Patient-Centred Radiology

2019 06 Aug

Patients today are taking a more active role in their health, and in response to this, more emphasis is being made to keep the patient at the centre of care. Especially in radiology, more areas of the field are focussing on patient-centred healthcare experiences. Initiatives such as the co-location of radiologists and clinicians and creating easy-to-understand... Read more

Better reports mitigate 'curse of knowledge' for patients & radiologists

2019 07 May

The shift to structured radiology reports has increased report clarity for referring providers and is supported by most radiologists. As the movement for increased transparency in healthcare continues, more and more patients are accessing their imaging reports via patient portals. When radiologists address the clinical question that was posed,... Read more

For referring physicians, radiology reports are 'clinically unhelpful'

2018 14 Aug

It is through a radiology report that the radiologist communicates imaging findings and recommendations to the referring clinician. Radiology reports, in addition to being produced quickly, are written following a structured format, i.e., each report contains the same elements in the same places. They also contain all information necessary for... Read more

Machine learning unpicks the lexical complexity of radiology reports

2018 22 Feb

In a recent study conducted at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, researchers used machine learning (ML) techniques to identify clinical concepts in radiologist reports for CT scans (Zech et al. 2018).   These techniques include natural language processing algorithms and demonstrate an important first step in the... Read more

Communicating Significant Radiology Findings: UK Survey

2016 09 Jan

An audit of communication of significant radiology findings reveals wide variation in practice across the UK with regard to the communication and monitoring of radiology reports, with many radiology departments/trusts not fully compliant with published UK guidance. Results of the audit are published in the journal Clinical Radiology . The imaging... Read more

#RSNA14: Room for Improvement in Radiology Reports

2014 04 Dec

Use colour, avoid all capital letters and be informative, was the message from radiation oncologist Lawrence B. Marks to his diagnostic radiology colleagues. The Annual Oration in Radiation Oncology at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, delivered by Marks, Dr. Sidney K. Simon Distinguished Professor of Oncology Research... Read more

#RSNA14: Correlating Radiology Findings Automatically with Follow-up Data

2014 03 Dec

Automatically sending clinical data algorithmically generated from the preliminary radiology report has the potential to assist radiologists’ interpretation, improve communication with referring physicians and benefit patient care, according to Anna Ellermeier, MD, radiology resident at Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Ellermeir presented... Read more