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Toshiba Infinix-i System Displays Radiation Dose Exposure

2013 15 May

Toshiba America Medical Systems has launched  the FDA-cleared Dose Tracking System for InfinixTM-i cardiovascular X-ray. The Dose Tracking System visualises X-ray emissions via a colour-coded display. “Through our partnership with the University at Buffalo, Toshiba designed the Dose Tracking System as a visual aid, enabling clinicians to monitor... Read more

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Radiation Dose Level Affects Size of Lesions Seen On Chest CT Images

2013 30 Apr

The estimated size of chest lymph nodes and lung nodules seen on CT images varies significantly when the same nodes or nodules are examined using lower versus higher doses of radiation, a new study has shown.  The study, conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, used a 3D image processing tool to quantitatively measure the volume of... Read more

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Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market

2013 10 Apr

Research and Markets  has announced the release of the "Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market (Geiger Counter, Ionization Chamber, Scintillator, Terahertz detector, Dosimeter, Environment Monitor, Shield, Lead Apron, Eyewear & Glove) - Competitive Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2017" report. The global radiation protection (detection,... Read more

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Exposure to Ionising Radiation And Pregnancy

2013 15 Mar

The exposure of pregnant women to ionising radiation is often a source of concern and provokes many questions. This anxiety is often unjustified and the questions are asked too late. Ignorance of the subject is likely to harm the woman who requires investigative imaging (chest CT scan or lung scan should be performed even in early pregnancy with... Read more